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File:Kadmos dragon Louvre N3157.jpg|thumb|200px|Cadmus fighting the dragon. Painting from a krater in the Louvre Museum. In Greek mythology, '''Cadmus''' ; ''Kadmos''), was the founder and first king of Thebes, Greece|Thebes.Alden, John B. (1883) ''The Greek Anthology'', pp. 160–162. Cadmus was the first Greek hero and, alongside Perseus and Bellerophon, the greatest hero and slayer of monsters before the days of Heracles.Karl Kerenyi|Kerenyi, Karl, 1959. ''The Heroes of the Greeks'' (London: Thames and Hudson) p. 75. Initially a Phoenician prince, son of king Agenor and queen Telephassa of Tyre, Lebanon|Tyre and the brother of Phoenix (son of Agenor)|Phoenix, Cilix and Europa (mythology)|Europa, he was originally sent by his royal parents to seek out and escort his sister Europa back to Tyre after she was abducted from the shores of...
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